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  • Two shells, a truck and a citrus fuit

    dvsmith.net has changed servers. After a couple of very long weeks of practically zero connectivity via my “business class” Road Runner connection, I finally gave up on my principle that dvsmith.net would always be self-hosted. (Gee, thanks, Time Warner Cable, I’d only been striving for that since 1997.) Now, the site lives on A Small […]

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  • 2009: NC Democrats Push Anti-Municipal Broadband Legislation, Threatening to Derail Federal Stimulus Money

    Originally posted to BlueNC.com back in April 2009. In the meantime, Ty Harrell has resigned due to adultery and questionable finances and Verizon sold its stake in North Carolina to Frontier Communications. Reposted here for archival purposes, because the “Level Playing Field/Cities/Service Providers” bill is back, for a fourth encore. As reported by the Independent […]

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  • I think I need a new server

    I’ve been proudly self-hosting dvsmith.net for many years, but a number of recent server hiccups (including a new mystery gremlin that brings Apache to its knees every 22-24 hours) and the absolutely awful quality of Time Warner’s “Business Class” RoadRunner service, have convinced me that it’s time to move to an off-site host. The requirements […]