D.C. area independent BMW shops

The shops that I am personally familiar with are first, followed by some that I’ve heard about. Labor rates are indicated when known.

  • Dan Martin’s Auto Service

    8100 H Beechcraft Avenue

    Gaithersburg, MD 20879

    (301) 926-8977

    Small shop but the work is excellent; he knows BMW’s very well and his prices are very good. One year warranty. Frequented by the more ‘performance-driven’ club members. Well-acquianted with older BMW’s and M-cars. ($75/hr)
  • J & F Motors

    4064 S. Four Mile Run Dr.

    Arlington, VA 22206

    (703) 671-7757

    Excellent service and workmanship. One year warranty. Prices are higher than some other independents and management attitude can be a bit ‘snooty.’ Well-suited to cutomers who want to be pampered or those who don’t ‘know’ their Bimmer. Unfortunately, their best wrench, Bill Brochu has moved on to Virginia Beach, but the rest of the staff is quite competent. ($90/hr, $110/hr if you supply parts)
  • Alexandria Bavarian Service

    Grant Randall

    416 East Raymond Avenue

    Alexandria, VA 22301

    (703) 836-2002

    Superb work. Two year warranty. These guys live and breathe Bimmers. Blunt with their opinions, but very passionate and relatively thorough. Well-acquianted with 6er’s, older/newer BMW’s. TireRack direct sales & service, too. ($90/hr)
  • London Auto Services, Ltd.

    Tom Baruch

    7718 Lee Highway

    Falls Church, VA 22042

    (703) 560 – 6975

    Widely considered to be the ‘coupe-king’ of the D.C. metropolitan area. Lots of experience with 1st Generation M-Cars, E30’s, E28’s, E24’s, E12’s and E9’s. I’ve been pleased with Tom’s professionalism and expertise. ($85/hr)
  • Road Race Technologies, Inc.

    Barry Battle

    23700 Overland Drive

    Dulles, VA 20166

    (703) 661-4222 (service)

    A full-service shop of BMW racing fanatics who can do everything you need, be it oil changes to fuel cell installations. Formerly of Bimmerworld, Battle carries quality OEM and performance parts, some of which RRT has custom machined to spec. ($85/hr)
  • (The shops below have come up in discussion or searches, but I’ve never used them, personally.)

  • Martin Motorsports, Inc. (not affiliated with Dan Martin)

    460a S Pickett St

    Alexandria, VA 22304

    (703) 823-9735
    Well-regarded by club members. Personal experience with M6’s, E24’s and E28’s. ($80/hr)
  • Sigy’s Service Center

    Siegfried Krause

    110 Crabb Ave

    Rockville MD 20850

    (301) 881-6725

    Some laud the service, others loathe the attitude. Krause is legendary/notorious amongst local service departments.
  • BMW Excluservice

    12224 Parklawn Drive

    Rockville, MD 20852

    (301) 231-5400

    A little pricey and getting more expensive; it used to be one of the best shops in the mid-Atlantic region, but now is looking to be sold to new owners, while customers bear the expense of making the profit margin look appetizing. Few service techs/mechanics stay in Lothar’s employ for very long these days.
  • Autoy / Autowerke

    11848 Coakley Circle

    Rockville, MD 20852


    Used as a ‘secondary-shop’ by a friend who otherwise patronizes Dan Martin’s shop. Well considered amongst Maryland-area club members.
  • Curry’s Auto Service

    4003A Westfax Drive

    Chantilly, VA 20151

    (703) 502-0400

    1510 Moran Road

    Sterling, VA 20166

    (571) 522-1002

    Rumor has it that their prices are high, though the service is acceptable. Quite often, the recommendations err on the side of caution… and the bottom line.

  • Advantage Certified

    8503 Euclid Avenue

    Suite 5

    Manassas Park, VA 20111

    (703) 361-3335

    Recommended by a handful of BMW CCA members from the National Capital Chapter. According to another member, “My general impression was that they were competent, honest, and repaired the car correctly in a timely manner. The prices were only slightly cheaper than going to the dealership however. If you need a loaner, they only have a couple of loaner cars that you need to reserve in advance.” ($99/hr)
  • Fairfax Service Center

    Reese Sherbaf

    2850 Prosperity Avenue

    Fairfax, VA. 22031

    (703) 560-1700

    A certified Dinan dealer and service shop, the reviews have been mixed, especially when dealing with older, non-OBD cars that need to be diagnosed, rather than downloaded.
  • AutoThority

    3769-B Pickett Road

    Fairfax, VA 22031

    (703) 323-7830
  • German Autoworks

    Dennis Burke

    Rockville, MD

    (301) 424-7463
  • Autodynamics

    Don Andrews

    15862 Somrvle Dr

    Rockville, MD

    (301) 948-4744