Who is Dan Smith?

Essentially, I’m a jack-of-all-trades: I’ve conducted research and written analyses on everything from cutting-edge information warfare scenarios, to historical conflicts to domestic counter-terrorism tactics, hired and ran a series of research teams; I oversaw an IT team and directed a massive restructuring and re-design of a multi-thousand page website (twice); I’ve been interviewed by a nationally syndicated radio program and foreign television journalists; I’ve edited and produced books and periodical publications and I’ve overseen everything from high-level Pentagon briefings, to visits from foreign heads of state and dignitaries, to fomenting dialogues between civic, industrial and elected leaders. I’ve piloted aircraft, fired heavy weapons and driven race cars. And besides that, I’m a halfway decent sports and editorial photographer.

I’m a quick-learner, a published author and a strong communicator. I have a passion for history.