A Mess of Feesh: Pound Netting the Core Sound

A Mess of Feesh - Bit and Grain

Bit & Grain, a digital publication that canvasses North Carolina, from mountain to sea, in search of exceptional stories today published an excerpt from my Masters Thesis work, “A Mess of Feesh: Pound Netting the Core Sound,” detailing a centuries-old fishing practice with a modern twist in North Carolina’s inshore waters.

Eddie Willis cuts an imposing figure. His face and hands are weathered by more than 40 years of working on the waters of the Core Sound. His graying blonde hair stands at odd angles, styled by the constant wind. His body is enormous. He says he’s been big — like his father before him — for as long as he can remember. He answers his cell phone — which always seems to be ringing — the same way he runs his boat: gruffly, with an impatience that implies that just opening the flip phone has already consumed too many precious moments of his day.

To learn more about this ongoing project, please visit: A Mess of Feesh.