Two shells, a truck and a citrus fuit

Image retrieved from - no copyright infringement has changed servers. After a couple of very long weeks of practically zero connectivity via my “business class” Road Runner connection, I finally gave up on my principle that would always be self-hosted. (Gee, thanks, Time Warner Cable, I’d only been striving for that since 1997.) Now, the site lives on A Small Orange‘s shared hosting system, alongside my photography site. Continue reading

Dude, You’re Totally Harshing My (Google) Buzz

Absolutely, 100% by accident, I managed to discover that my server had fallen victim to an interesting SQL/PHP injection attack. I began to notice some odd search traffic that resulted in one or two hits to both of the sites on this server and decided to Google the hostnames to see what the results were. Lo, and behold, my site and content descriptions had changed from carefully crafted statements and a handful of appropriate keywords to a laundry list of figures from the French Revolution, random pharmaceuticals and reviews of the latest japanese sports cars. Continue reading

Up and Running

Well, I’ve upgraded to 10.6.x, which trashed my MySQL install, ripped-out and replaced MySQL by hand, upgraded to WordPress 3.0.x and manually hacked the multisite function to enable multiple domains (you’re looking at one of them, right now).

I’m still trying on a couple of different baseline themes, from which I’ll build a custom child.