Remnants of Empire and Innocence


SpiroScindo in “Remnants Of Empire And Innocence” by Photosmith

We are thrilled to announce the winner of the January/February Top Photography prize! Our own Corwin Prescott was the judge this go round!  He picked a wonderful winner.

“Judging the January/February photography contest is one of the hardest things I have done. The quality of the work on many of the sets was really quite amazing. I wanted to choose quite a few of them.

It wasn’t until I saw “Remnants of Empire and Innocence” that I new I had a winner. The set and imagery is so powerful that individual images stick with you for days. I found myself staring at more than one of them
multiple times because of how well Photosmith managed to capture and
illuminate his subject.

I hope you all enjoy this amazing set as much as I did.”


How Best to Hammer a Nail

Somewhat frequently, friends, neighbors and even tumblr followers ask my advice on choosing a camera, or even just a camera brand. My reply generally parrots what my first employer told me when he handed me a Nikon FE-2, as we were about to go out on my first editorial assignment and I objected that I was used to a Canon body: the camera is a tool to accomplish the job. It’s a hammer; pick the one that does the job best. Continue reading

Ready to Copy?

I recently came across a handful of my photos on a couple of porn sites.

I’ve had photos stolen before… sometimes with attribution, mostly without. But this, was different. They’d managed to mangle the image by deleting my watermark and then slapped their own URLs all over the image.

Look, I’m not going to ape the MPAA and claim, hyperbolically, that reposting a copyrighted photo, without permission, is akin to armed robbery, or grand-theft (auto)…

But it is taking what’s not yours…

And it does hurt me. Continue reading