VMS713 – Project Update 20141203.02

I cannot get the RFM69HWs to talk to each other, even using the TxRxBlinky example in the RFM69 library, or the gateway and garage door node sketches from the Über Home Automation Project. At this point, I wonder if the RFM69s that I purchased are bad… or if I killed one of them while soldering.

I’m also about ready to lose my mind, as two of my HC-SR04s seem to experience phantom pings — distances jump dramatically, without anything in front of the sensors. Continue reading

VMS713 – Project Update 20141202

Channelling the Sad Cat Diary: my effort to combine wireless transceivers, arduino, python and bluetooth audio does not go well. Bluetooth and pygame do not play well, together (nor can I get pyaudio to function, properly, without a dedicated sound card). The wireless transceivers do not, as best I can tell, trans or ceive. The fallback is to pair an arduino sensor with a raspberry pi, connected directly to a speaker. Continue reading